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Itinerary for the Ningde Baishuiyang Yuanyang Creek Scenic Spot

1、Introduction of the scenic spot:
Located in the northeast of Pingnan County, Ningde, Fujian Province, Yuanyang (literally “Mandarin Duck”) Creek is 170 kilometers away from Fuzhou and 101 kilometers to Ningde. The entire scenic area is in shape of crescent, with a total area of 66 square kilometers and a 36-kilometer-long stream and the creek has five major scenic areas, namely: Baishuiyang, Yiyang, Liugong Rock, Taibaoluo, and Yuanyang Lake. 白水洋美景

Baishuiyang Scenic Spot is the only “shallow water square” in the world, dubbed “A Myth in the Universe” and “A Unique Scene in the World”. Its 2km-long riverbed is as smooth as a whetstone, 182 meters at its widest point, covering an area of 80,000 square meters. The riverbed is made of a single flat rock and is clean without pebbles, which is covered by ankle-deep creek water. The water surface glistens under the sun, forming a vast expanse of white stars. For this reason, the river is named Baishuiyang, literally the “White Water Ocean”. Between the middle and lower squares, there is a 100m long natural smooth slide. Underneath the slide lies Yantan Pool, a natural swimming pool. Sunlight, white water and water ripple form a colored riverbed. People can enjoy such water sports as walking in the water, surfing, racing, tug-of-war, martial arts, riding bicycles and lion dancing which bestowed by the Nature.

Yuanyang Creek Scenic Area is the heart of Yuanyang Creek, which is characterized by wild mandarin ducks, macaques, ancient and rare trees, integrated with creek, waterfalls, rocks and caves, which makes it a rare and comprehensive recreational area. Fork Creek Scenic Area, located in the lower reaches of the Yuanyang Creek, has thousands of acres of primitive secondary forest, and beautiful \valley landscape. Every autumn, hundreds of mandarin ducks flock to the area from northern China to live through winter here, making the reputation of “The Home of Mandarin Ducks” for Pingnan with the mandarin ducks found in the streams as early as one hundred years ago.

2、The itinerary:

  Morning: leave from the hotel after breakfast for Yuanyang Creek Scenic Spot (about 2.5 hours’ drive) 

  【Yuanyang Creek】:The Yuanyang Creek is the only nature reserve for mandarin ducks in the world. It is known as “Home of Mandarin Ducks, Paradise of Lovers and Fairyland on Earth”. Visit such scenic spot Sky Walkway, Horn Waterfall, Flying Dragon Waterfall, White Rock, Long Ravine Love Ridge and Platform Facing Yuanyang Creek, etc. (about 2.5 hours) 

  Lunch:lunch with Pingnan flavor.
  Afternoon:leave for Baishuiyang Scenic Spot after lunch (about 20 minutes’ drive)

  Visit Baishuiyang Scenic Spot--one of the “Top 10 Perfect Holiday Destinations in China” recommended by CCTV, is a national scenic area and national geological park, known as “A Myth in the Universe” and “A Unique Scene in the World” to feel the keen coolness of Ten-Li Long Water Street, get zero distance contact with the world’s largest Shallow Water Square, experience the excitement of 100-meter natural surfing slide, walk and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Gauze Cap Rock, Tortoise Holding the Treasure—stands for Bon Voyage, overlook the elegant Five-Senior Peak, stroll across the old Shuanglong Bridge, appreciate the simple, exquisite and wonderful ancient wood-arch lounge bridges, and old buildings reflecting with the bridges and daydream “the Bridges of Madison County” in the twilight(about 3 hours) 

  Dinner:Back to the hotel after dinner with Pingnan flavor.