Venue Introduction---Ningde City

Briefs of the host city, industrial luminescent spots and exposition:
Ningde City, China, is located in east costal area of Fujian Province, and is regarded as the golden area of the West-Straits Economic Area, the Pingtan Experimental Zone and the Sanduao Area, bears the reputation of “Capital of Small and Medium-sized Electronic Machinery of China”, “Export Base of Small and Medium-sized Electronic Machinery of China” and “The Top 100 Industrial Cluster of China”. Increasing attention of domestic and foreign investors have been attracted to this well-loved place and limitless business opportunities is in the ascendant. In the near few years, east Fujian M&E industry will exceed to become 100 billion industrial cluster, consists of 2 companies with 5 billion plus industrial output value, 10 companies with 2-5 billion industrial output value, and 30 plus companies with 1-2 billion industrial output value.

Status Quo of Electrical Equipment Industry: