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China 1st National quality & Safety Demonstration Zone for Exporting Electric Machines(like Alternator,Motor,Generators,Gensets etc)

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On 2015 March 4th,FaAn City Quality & Safety Demonstration Zone for Exporting Electric Machines Passed and Listed in national Quality and safety demonstration area of exporting industrial products.Become China 1st state one in Alternator,Electric Motor,Power Generators,Gensets etc.


On Dec, 2011, FaAn City of NingDe city in FuJian Province,Related Governments signed and established FaAn City Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone for Exporting Electric Machine.

On Sep,2013, Passed Provincial-Level Quality and Safety Standards.

On Nov,2014, Passed National-Level Quality and Safety Standards.

On March,2015, Listed on National Quality and Safety Demonstration Area of Exporting Industrial Products.


Why NingDe City can get this honour?

1.50 Years Ago, had been very famous in China and overseas Countries.

Since 50 years ago,FaAn City in  DingDe City set up China 1st Electric Machines Manufacturer attracted many top technical staffs.

In last 80s, got the Golden Awards in China Machine Manufacturing Industry. Famous Brand "Ming Dong" was known in china and overseas countries.

2. Now NingDe City become the manufacturing center of exporting Small & Medium-Sized Electric Motors,Water Pumps,Power Generators, Gensets etc in China.

    As the source capital of Small & Medium-Sized electric motors, NingDe city is well-known all over the world for its professional and high quality Small & Medium-Sized electric motors manufacturing. With excellent quality and reasonable price, its production value amount occupy 30% share in the FuJian Province Electromechanical Market. For small & medium Electric Machine fields, have 80% of the total output and export value, which is more than 1/3 of China total export value. Several top 100-Million-Scale large Factories become the certified provider of United Nations.

   In NingDe city,Our Fair have established good cooperation with 39 industrial central zones with more than 1500 electric motor and appliance manufacturers and supporting factories. Among them, over 500 factories get ISO 9001,9002 international quality control system certificates, over 100 factories have passed European Union CE, GS and TUV, over 50 factories have passed USA UL . Over 70% of their products export to more than 140 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East. More than 1000 kinds of products cover the whole industrial chain including electric motor, power generator, generator set, water pump, medical device, carburetor, etc.

   Figured from the products structure, the electric motors account for 30%, power generators account for 30%, water pumps account for 15%, gasoline and diesel generator sets account for 15%, and the rest 10% are occupied by electric-heat instrument, medical device, and household appliances.

3.All Top Technical Centers Locates NingDe City

    The 1st State Small & Medium-sized electric Motor and appliance quality control test Center locates in NingDe City, as well as a series of scientific institutions and platforms like the “Fujian Provincial Technology Development Base of Electric Motor and Appliance Industry”, “Fujian Provincial Electric Equipment Quality Test Center”, “Ningde Fuan Electric Appliance Engineering Academy and Research Center”.

4. Many other Supports like 6th international Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition.

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Fair Name:6th Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Applicance Exposition(Electric Motor Fair/Exposition)   
Open Time:  June 13-15 2015
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