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Solicitation of Topics for Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition

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Solicitation of Topics for Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition
During the Fifth Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition, the organizing committee will organize a variety of seminars on themes of the development of motor industry, sharing of technology and communication of companies. Now, the solicitation of topics is being open to all companies and research institutions.

Specific requirements are as follows:
1. Choose your own topics. Information about speakers, content of speech and their contact is needed.

The range of seminars can be:
1) The technology communication on the status quo of Ningde’s electric motor industry
2) How to forge a complete chain of electric motor industry
3) Industrial cluster of electric motor industry in Eastern Fujian and the development of companies
4) Optimizing industry structure and improving product’s competence
5) How to achieve win-win situation among companies from upstream to downstream chain of electric motor industry
6) How to build national brands of electric motor and expand overseas market
2. Arrangement of Seminars
Date: Jun. 16—Jun. 18, 2014 (seminars will be organized according to the final schedule)
Location: the Exposition Center, the Mindong Hotel, the Shihong Hotel, etc.
Size: 80-100 guests
Length: 60 mins/seminar ( 45 mins speech + 15 mins Q&A)
3. Submission
1) Online submission after logging on the official website of the Exposition:
2) Sent E-mails attached with files to
3) Consulting service line: 400-6766-889
4. Assessment Process
Collection Date: Feb. 20 —Mar. 31
Selection of Topics: Apr. 1—Apr. 10 (Excellent Award, Selected Award and Final Three Alternative Topics)
On-line Voting Date: Apr. 11—Apr. 30 (On-line Voting for Three Alternative Topics)
Selecting: Solicited topics will be reviewed and selected under the principle of “Open, Justice and Fair” by the Committee, units of organizing, sponsoring and co-sponsoring, companies and associations attended and public media. 
Result Announcement: On May 1st the Committee will announce the result on the official website and co-operated media. Please stay tuned for the final result.
Rewards: the committee will reward booths and publicity combo to the selected companies, send invitation letters of the opening ceremony to the selected individuals and provide local tourism service.  
The Committee of the Fourth Cross-Straits Motor Exposition
Feb. 15th, 2014

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