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Electric Motor Exposition Work Team Attended Wenzhou Expo

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Electric Motor Exposition Work Team Attended Wenzhou Expo
As the organizing side of the Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition, the Valued Show organizing committee and exhibition invitation work team attended 2014 China (Wenzhou) International Industry Exposition, aiming at introducing the E-MEX and attracting more exhibitors.

Wenzhou is a city of well-developed industry. As the hometown of pump valves manufacturing industry, the roost of machine tool engine manufacturers and low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturers, Wenzhou is named as “The Capital of Electrical Equipment of China” by China Machinery Industry Federation. The Wenzhou Expo has been held for 21 times and has become the largest professional industrial event in Zhejiang Province. Its scale, position characteristic, industrial feature, products range and management mode have provided positive example and fruitful experience to the upcoming fifth Cross-Straits Machinery&Electronics Exposition which is planned to be held at Ningde City---the Capital of Small and Medium-sized Electronic Machinery of China.

After three days of visit and study, members from Valued 
Show established a complete understanding of the management mode, exhibition hall construction, publicity materials, and spot effect of Wenzhou Expo. Special attention was paid to the enterprises corelated to Ningde M&E industry, and information of interested customers, demands and backgrounds of purchasing enterprises were collected. Meanwhile, a detailed survey and analysis were conducted to the distribution, scale and main products of Wenzhou M&E market. The main products exhibited are machine tools, corelated with machine tool accessories, electrical machines, instruments and molds. It should be said that there are plenty of similarities existing on industrial feature and product demands of both  exhibitors and purchasers, compared with small and medium-sized electrical equipment industry.

The organizing committee and all the work teams are methodically making the final sprint according to the work progress. Breakthrough of exhibition invitation has been made based on the research and study of different regions in the past period. Later on, more strength will be put to the publicity of the E-MEX, and variety of resources, carefully-designed campaigns will definitely promote the our exposition to a higher stage.
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