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Opening in Countdown, Publicity in Taizhou, Zhejiang

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The Opening Ceremony of the Fifth Cross-Straits stepping into Countdown, Organizing work team propagating extension in Taizhou

When the 2014 Fifth Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition entered the stage of 80-day countdown, all publicity and invitation campaigns are actively conducted. Aiming at further promoting the influence of our exposition among small and medium sized electronics industry, on March 21st, right after attending the Wenzhou Exposition, as the organizer, the invitation work team of the Valued Show dispatched to the Machine Tools and Mould Fair in Taizhou China to propagate extension and recommend our exposition to the market.
One day was took for the invitation work team to visit part of the participating electronic and machinery enterprises, and careful and comprehensive introductions of the demand and status quo of Fujian S&M electronics industry were made before recommending the Fifth Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition which was due on June 16th -18th, Ningde City. This exposition tar
geted itself at the professional industrial feast of S&M electronics, water pump, and correlated auxiliary industries.
The invitation work team also paid a visit to the China Water Pump Exhibition Center which is located at Wenling, Daxi to research on how the wind blow among the resident S&M water pump manufacturers and auxiliary enterprises from across the region. Meanwhile, local machinery and electronic industrial associations of Leqing were carefully visited, and a primary bilateral cooperation interest with Taizhou Machine Tool Association was established, which promised to introduce our exposition to its local member enterprises.
Over 1000 publicity materials and exposition tickets were presented during the visits, after detailed introduction of our work team, not a few of well-known machine tool enterprises like Xin Han Trade and Guangyuan Machine Tool Co., Ltd expressed their strong interests to Fujian market. Besides, auxiliary enterprises like HengheNumerical Control Co.,Ltd, Tian Xiang Machine Tool Co.,Ltd, Jing Heng Machine Tool Co.,Ltd and so forth all expressed that they would attend the 2014 Fifth Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition to explore Fujian market.
Taizhou is one of the most energetic industrial market of China Yangtze River Delta Region, an important manufacturing base, as well as the innovation demonstration zone of private economy. It has a comprehensive industrial chains of automobile, shipping, water pump, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, mould, S&M electronics, machine tools, Hardware & Electrical tools and so on, which endows this region with a special industrial cluster advantage. Many enterprises of Fujian and Taizhou have established a sound business connection, especially between Ningde Area and Taizhou due to the good industrial supply chain which has brought frequent cooperation and investment. The exposition has a long cooperation with Taizhou. As one of the co-organizers, the People’s Government of Taizhou has supported us continuously and powerfully for years.
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