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Summary & Review of the 2013 Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition

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Summary & Review of the 2013 Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition 
        The forth Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition, and fourteenth Ningde Investment Forum were held and reached a complete success at Fujian Ningde Conference and Exhibition Center on June 16th -18th , 2013. More than 20 thousands visitors enjoyed the three days’ feast. A new trend of optimized clients-merchants structure and a developing explicit participation intention were expressed by this forum.

Over 300 domestic and foreign purchasers, 500 plus exhibitors and more than 1900 exhibitor personnel participated in the exhibition. The exhibition area reach a record of 10,000 square meters. Compared with previous years, the size of exhibition increased tremendously due to our professionalized, marketized and internationalized accurate orientation. Meanwhile, more invitations were sent to potential exhibitors, intending purchasers, and projects investors, which made a significant difference to the practical effect of this exhibition.

An increasingly professional and scientifical district design created a more open and friendly profile, which promote an ebullient and lively atmosphere. Moreover, negotiation areas were specially setted as part of the exhibition area to satisfy the enterprises.

Transaction Data Analysis

Overall Transaction Situation 
    Aggregately 86 domestic and foreign projects were signed during the forth Cross-Straits Machinery&Electronics Exhibition, reach a total of 37.116 billion investment, including $ 847 million of 19 foreign-funded projects and ¥3178 million of 67 domestic-funded projects.

Investment of Taiwanese Enterprises 

183 Taiwanese enterprises were invited to the forth Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition including companies like Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd which has attended this exhibition sequently for years. The leading technologies, high-quality products and advanced management modes presented marvelous examples to local companies in Ningde.
The Taiwanese investment is showing a growing momentum on this exposition. Eight Taiwan-invested projects were signed instantly, made 58.8% of total foreign investment, increasing 28 percentage points than last year. Taiwanese investment has become one outstanding point of available foreign investment for Ningde.

International Trade and Business Communication 
More than 300 purchaser and approximate 100 Machinery&Electronics Enterprises came from 41 countries and regions including Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey attended this exhibition. The total contract amount reach $16.59 million, an increase of 58% compared with last year. Another $80.5 million were reached by trade interest, an increase of 22% compared with last year.

Exhibitors Comments

Marketing Department, China National Technical Import and Export Corporation
This exposition was an adequate demonstration of local industrial strength. A variety of diesel generator set, power generator, water pump, motor product lines were exhibited. We
perennially contract to build power plants abroad. This exhibition provides us a convenient purchasing platform of high-quality, aids us in understanding the techno-economic level of domestic manufacturing enterprises, helps us find qualified vendors. Besides, the host provides us convenient and circumspect service.
Tangpower Co.,Ltd
This is our third time to attend this exposition and we received twenty plus new customers this time. We are highly satisfied with the booth design and exhibitor service of the host which ensure our being one of the most successful exhibitors.

Fujian Nanping Sun Cable Co., Ltd 
We are one of the top 10 most competitive wire and cable companies in China. This is our first time to attend this exposition but we have received more than 100 new clients here. We find it a great platform to introduce our brand to the market.

Fujian Puma Air Co.,Ltd
We received more than 70 new clients this time. What impressed me most is the considerate exhibitor service of the host, which made our demonstration go surprisingly well.

Lang Tai Electric Shoe Cabinet
It is the first time for “Lang Tai” to attend this exhibition. The main target is to find a proper agent for Ningde Area as we have already setted agents in more than 20 cities all around
China. We successfully entered Ningde Market via this exposition.

Fuan Nollet Machinery&Electronics Co.,Ltd
It is our second time to attend this exposition. The overall effect is better than last time. We received dozens of business cards of foreign purchasers the first day. What benefited us most is the “Purchasers-Enterprises Symposium” whose attenders come with explicit purchase intention. A profound communication was made here, therefore orders confirmed increased significantly.

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