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How to Choose the Exhibition in China?

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     According to 2015 Annual Report on China's Exhibition Industry, incomplete statistics show that China had 3,168 exhibitions in 2015.

     Now the problem is how to choose which exhibition is the best in China?

      Let's take the electric power energy for example. There are total 51 similar exhibitons in China according to CCPIT's report.

      From the Google search, you can find some exhibitions like Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition. The reports said only 1954 exhibitions in total 3,168 would have websites. Among them, only fews had english version.  From the search results, you would get some lists.

     From the searched lists, you should choose the best from Organizer, Scale, Profession,Section Number, Internet Application, Core Service sides.

      A、If exhibition organizer is governments, it would be better. The reason is that government strengthens guidance for transformation and upgrading of exhibition industry. They would pay a great attention on important and impactful ones.

      B、Most of the exhibitions in China is over 20,000 square meters. I think the larger, the better. If the scale is small, the exhibitors and visitors would be less. In China, Over 200 exhibitors in electric power energy exhibition would become large one.

     C、The segmentation is better. Some exhibition would have their positions or requirements to display,for example which exhibitor would be suitable, what kind of buyer or visitor would be invited, etc. Even the biggest exhibition Canton Fair, has separated several segment specialized exhibitions.
   Now the new exhibition trend is that exhibition hold place located at Manufacturers' Concentration City, especially for the heavy industry exhibition like electric power energy.  As buyers would like to connect with manufacturers directly to get cheaper price or easily take the opportunity to visit site factories.
   Some exhibitions even specialize some particular items, for example, search "electric motor fair" can find out one of the good professional exhibitions is Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition.

     D.Exhibition holds continuously in 5-9 years is better. Only 33% of most exhibitions can be held more that ten years in 2015, 5-9 years is 40%.  The over 10 continuous years' exhibitions may spend large costs, like Canton Fair, entrance card would cost 50 Dollarsdollars. But most 5-9 years exhibitons, only fill out the entrance form then can visit freely.

     E. Internet application levels of exhibitions: Many good exhibitions would use internet media( Like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, Register On Line Website) to connect buyers and exhibitors. This trend is a worldwide great trend, not only limited in China; would take the convenience to online buyers and exhibitors. Some even have advanced mobile APP. So if you can find the exhibitions in Facebook or Twitter, Pls firstly consider it.

     F. Core standard is quality service. Exhibitions must provide good quality service. Now the new top service standard(for visitors) is that the visitors or buyers would get free meals, free hotels, free natural tour, free factory visit, free invitation letter, etc. So it would decrease the international purchasing cost for buyers. Maybe Canton Fair cannot offer all these, but many others exhibitions can offer these, just like Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition held in June 17-19th 2016.
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