Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.

Focus on global motor testing


Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.

Focus on global motor testing
Business Type:Manufacturer,Trader
Main Products:Electric motor testing instrument, Motor testing, AC motor, DC motor, BLDC motor testing, Home appliance motor, EV motor testing, Air compressor motor testing, Stator testing, Armature rotor testing, Aluminium die-cast rotor testing instrument.
Date of establishment:2009-03-02

Qingdao AIP intelligent instrument Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise who focus on global motor testing, staffed with more than 100 employees, 70% of them are experienced engineers whom works on motor design, system test, software design, mechanical design respectively, AIP supply motor testing, stator vacuum testing, BLDC testing, Aluminum rotor testing, Armature rotor testing, Dynamometer testing products etc. Those products have been widely used in production line testing like appliance motor, pump motor, electric tools motor, EV motor, industrial motor, servo motor etc.
AIP set branches in Changzhou, Hangzhou, Foshan and other cities, and AIP have cooperated deeply with famous companies like Welling, Board ocean, Wolong, the testing equipment have been exported to more than 20 countries, AIP also set up overseas branches to offer better service. Hold the belief of “Customer centric, striver oriented”, AIP would like to face the challenge and competition of global motor testing, and go further into the motor testing industrial. 

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