Business Type:Manufacturer
Main Products:Electric motor ,pump
Date of establishment:2016-09-06

Cohome Electric Co., Ltd is located in the Electrical machinery city-Fu`an, Fujian,China. With over 20 years experience in the field of manufacturing electric motors and water pumps ,we gained very high reputation in the domestic and international market. In order to improve the quality of our products and better control the cost in manufacturing, we produce the main spare parts of motors by ourselves, such as motor housing, lamination sheets, stator and rotor sets. And these parts are for exporting as well. With strictly quality control system ,our products acquired CCC,CE,ISO9001 certificates,etc .Meanwhile, we have established a strong team with professional managing and marketing members, united with experienced technicians to ensure the effective production and services (including OEM and ODM). We strive to develop new technology on high efficiency and energy saving motor and pump for offering customers biggest values and best services.Welcome to contact us for long and stable relationship.

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Pacific road No. 1,Qinxiyang industrial zone,Fuan city,Ningde city,Fujian province,China, Ningde, Fujian, China

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