A Skylift Bronto Sheet Ladder Equipment's ladder fire truck costs 24 million. What's so special about it? Is it worth it for China to spend a lot of money to buy it?
Wed Jul 13 13:51:07 CST 2022

A  Skylift Bronto Sheet Ladder Equipment's ladder fire truck costs 24 million. What's so special about it? Is it worth it for China to spend a lot of money to buy it?

As the name suggests, the biggest advantage of Bronto ladder fire truck is the ladder, which can send firefighters to an altitude of 101 meters. What is the concept of a height of 101 meters? Assuming that the floor is 4 meters high, then 101 meters is equivalent to a 25-story building. In this way, even if a fire occurs in a high-rise building, firefighters can use the Bronto ladder fire truck, and will be trapped in the high-rise directly. rescued, greatly shortening the rescue time. The manufacturing difficulty and requirements of Bronto ladder fire truck are very high, because the ladder needs to move around in the air, which requires its structure to be extremely reliable. The Bronto Ladder is 16.3 meters long and 2.55 meters wide.

Just imagine how terrifying it is for such a ladder to fall unexpectedly from a high altitude. Firefighters are there to save people and fight against a series of dangers caused by fires and fires, rather than accidents caused by fire trucks. Therefore, the site of the fire truck is very important. The chassis of the Bronto  ladder fire truck adopts a six-axle design with a total of 16 tires, which greatly ensures the stability of the fire truck. In addition, the load of the working platform of the Bronto  ladder fire truck can reach 400 kg, and the spray height of the fire water cannon can reach up to 130 meters. Once a fire breaks out, every second counts, because the fire will continue to rise. If the water can be sprayed directly to 130 meters away, then the rescue efficiency is obviously improved. Bronto  ladder fire truck is excellent enough in terms of quality and equipment, and the price is naturally high.


China bought 3 Bronto ladder fire trucks at once. Although the price is high, if such a vehicle can rescue a person in danger, who can say it is not worth it? What's more, it saves more than one person's life.


The high-quality fire trucks of Bronto Ladder depend on imports. Why can't my country make them, and how will China find another way to achieve technological catch-up?

In fact, it is not impossible, but it is necessary to give China time. The load-bearing technology of fire trucks has been studied abroad for hundreds of years. In addition to carrying firefighters, fire trucks also need to store various fire-fighting equipment such as water guns. Obviously, the huge load-bearing pressure makes fire trucks need to have both the characteristics of load-bearing and stability at the same time.


In addition, there is the hydraulic system of the fire truck. The purpose of the fire truck is to allow firefighters to put out fires and save people. The water pump and lift are necessary and are also the core equipment of the fire truck. The water pump spewed a huge stream of water to put out the fire; and the elevator could flexibly transport firefighters and trapped people under control. Compared with foreign countries, China's foundation is not deep enough, and some core technologies have not been fully mastered. Therefore, instead of producing domestic fire trucks with uncertain factors, it is better to import foreign fire trucks to better ensure the safety of firefighters and the efficiency of rescue. At present, there are about 50,000 fire trucks in my country, most of which are imported, not produced by local companies in my country, such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other fire trucks.


However, China will not always rely on imports. China is already catching up. my country's 206 Institute of Aerospace Science and Industry has developed fire-fighting rockets. One vehicle can carry 24 rockets, and the warhead of one rocket can carry 4 kilograms of fire extinguishing agent. The warhead can easily pierce through walls and can extinguish flames in an area of about 80 square meters. In this way, for dangerous fire sites, firefighters can carry out firefighting from a long distance, and the life safety of firefighters is also guaranteed while the firefighting efficiency is greatly improved. The car is also equipped with advanced optical, infrared and other detection equipment, which can accurately locate the ignition point and solve the problem of whether the rocket can be accurately launched. The designer who developed the rockets once said that only logistics can keep up, and there is no flame that cannot be extinguished by fire rockets. On the difficult problem of fire truck construction technology, I believe that China will soon be able to break through the barriers.